The Idea

The idea to embark on a journey of process review and enhancement came from Jo Carney, the Faculty Administration Manager.  She had heard about a tool called KETSO which can be used to explore ideas as a team to formulate action plans.

Jo contacted Tracy Ellis in the Professional Development Unit and after discussions it was decided to open up the opportunity of a team event to all university faculties in order to explore the possibility of a broader project involving all faculty administrators.

At this stage, the idea was to identify all administrative processes with a view to identifying those that could be improved.

Faculty Administration Managers from the other two faculties were asked if they would like their administrators to be involved and they agreed.  Further support was sought from Jo Edwards, Professional Development Officer, Stephen Powell, Reader, Institute of Educational Cybernetics (IEC) and Dumebi Oderinde (Post Graduate Researcher, IEC).

The scoping day using the KETSO toolkit was arranged for 14th December 2011 and all administrators were invited.

The slides (available at the link below) were used to set the scene for the potential project:

Introduction to process review journey