A simple visual of the plan of action

To set the scene and provide details of the proposed activities, a simple visual of the journey was provided as seen below:


Administrators at the University of Bolton busy analysing processes

On Wednesday 14th December, all faculty administrators at the University of Bolton participated in an event led the Professional Development Unit.  The event was supported by Joanne Carney, Karen Heywood and Angela Bommer (Faculty Administration Managers) to contribute to process review.

Using a novel approach to creative thinking, the administrators used an tool called KETSO to generate ideas and stimulate creative thinking.  An external facilitator helped the teams to assess a number of administration processes that they had previously identified to look for smarter ways of working.

All administrators engaged in this first stage of the process review journey which turned the University of Bolton Boardroom into a hive of creative activity for three hours.

The next stages will involve process mapping and action research activities supported by the Professional Development Unit and the Institute of Educational Cybernetics.

If you are interesting in finding out how KETSO was used as an initial method of generating ideas for this project, contact Tracy Ellis on tellis@liverpool.ac.uk or Jo Edwards on 01204 903365.