The chance to bid for Funding from JISC

During the initial scoping activity by the Faculty Administrators, a number of opportunities were identified and we were delighted when we discovered that JISC were asking for invitations to tender for funding that could potentially help to:

  1. Enhance communication between key process stakeholders;
  2. Clarify the steps in the processes, to ensure consistency by all who have a role to play in the process;
  3. Explore greater use and the interoperability between the current University systems, including SITS, Exam Board Software and the Students Results Portal;
  4. Clarify and document the activities and tacit understanding of particular roles in administrative processes to provide for flexibility in staffing;
  5. Enhance efficiency of working practices related to the administrative processes;
  6. Develop a culture of continuous professional development and collaboration across academic faculties;
  7. To make cost savings through a reduction in the use of paper based processes;
  8. To explore further use of technology to support processes.

A joint decision to bid for JISC funding was taken by the Faculty Admin Manager leading the project, a Reader in the Research Institute who offered to provide academic input to the project and the Professional Development Professionals.  The collaboration was subject to agreeing:

  • the activities to be undertaken and the purpose of those activities
  • the use that we could make of the funding available
  • the amount of commitment that each individual could make to the project
  • the key decision makers that we would have to convince that this project was worthwhile
  • sharing the responsibility of completing the funding paperwork.

JISC Call for Bids for Business Change Projects

 There was a timely call for bids from JISC to support Business Change Projects.

Two extracts from the call can be seen below:

This call is of interest to staff responsible for and contributing to the delivery of business change underpinned by ICT where:

i). there is a requirement to deliver one or more of the following

a. enhanced student experience;

b. improved efficiency and/or cost savings;

c. enhanced organisational capability for business and community engagement;

d. improved environmental performance

Project Aims and Objectives

The objectives of these projects are:

a. To identify and utilise appropriate JISC and other resources to achieve business change;

b. To provide feedback and ways by which aspects of the JISC resources might be improved;

c. To help raise awareness of the JISC resources within the sector;

d. To provide practical experiences and „lessons learnt‟ which may then be considered by other institutions when using the resources.


The call for papers can be viewed here:  JISC_Grant_funding_19-11