Evaluation of the Project

Action Researchers perspective on the value of their involvement in the project

It was decided to host an event to celebrate the commitment that the administrators had made to the project and use this an opportunity to evaluate the project from their perspective.

A questionnaire was devised with 8 questions.

The responses to the questions (as they appeared) are shown by following the link below.  Duplicated responses have not been included but I have tried to capture the overall emphasis of response in the summary below.

Evaluation of Process Review Feb 2013


It is evident from the responses that the project was, on the whole, a positive experience for all involved.  As well as bringing about holistic change of benefit for the organisation also served as a conduit for administrators to learn new transferable skills to strengthen their ability towards flexible team working.

A strong message that emerged was that participants really valued collaborating with their peers across the organisations to find common ground and possible ways forward to streamline existing processes.  It became apparent that the strong commitment was due to the participants feeling as though they had sufficient opportunity to share opinion and contribute to change that directly affected their working practices.

It was also evident from the responses that not all participants were lucky enough to have a process that went through the full change cycle and this impacted on their view of whether the experience had been enjoyable.


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